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Durban: a fast-growing hub for creatives

Durban is fast becoming the go-to place for youth culture and all things creative.

2017 promises to be a year like no other for Durban-based artists. For a long time, success and mobility were thought of as things achievable only in Joburg. Well — this is changing.

In the past, people in the creative industries have always struggled getting their projects done if they weren’t close to the big corporations that are ideal for pushing their work. Musicians would have to travel to Joburg, designers to Cape Town, for example. However, this has slightly changed in recent years. Musicians no longer need to travel long hours to and from Joburg to register and promote their work. Similarly, designers of all kinds and artists in general no longer necessarily need to leave their hometown, Durban.

A wave of independence in the arts has swept across South Africa, and Durban is no exception. A lot of creatives have taken it upon themselves to build their own establishments in an attempt to push their work forward. Whether one paints, draws, plays an instrument, writes or produces, each and every creative has awoken to their true potential, and to the fact that traditional ‘industries’ are a thing of the olden days.

In recent years, there have been a lot of collaboration among creatives in Durban, and this is picking up the creative industry of Durban and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Musicians have released music independently, with the help of a team that shares that particular musician’s vision. Also interesting to note, is the fact that Kwa-Zulu Natal is coming up with its own unique sounds which have not largely been popular prior to this wave of independence aforementioned.

Poets are portraying — through word — the soul of Durban. Painters depict the heart of this place. Through rhythm, musicians have captured the atmosphere of our beautiful city.

All our creatives in Durban are constantly making us proud! Let us give them the support that they need to push their crafts forward, and …. Let’s make 2017 a great year for putting our city on the map both domestically and internationally.


We’ve got … Jazz!

Abyss of Awesomeness Jazz Mix Vol. 1 Cover Art.jpg
The mix can be found on our soundcloud page of the same name, Abyss of Awesomeness.

The Roots/Afrocentrik edition of volume 1 of The Abyss of Awesomeness mix comes as a token of appreciation for and celebration of the various sounds that exist within the African jazz context. Without a doubt, jazz in Africa has been polished to fit the culture and milieu of the Afrikan. As a music, it has drawn a lot from the indigenous sounds of the African communities, and has — through this merging of ‘foreign’/western sounds and indigenous sounds — sort of paved way for new and exciting ways to make and listen to music.

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