The Abyss of Awesomeness celebrates the Global South; a concept that has largely come up in the politics of space to refer to the ‘developing world’. We refer to the South, therefore, as the Abyss of Awesomeness — meaning that the South is one place that never ceases to amaze one.

In terms of culture, the Global South is really proving itself on all fronts, including music, literature, film, street fashion, language and other creative fields. The sound (for example) that is coming out from southern towns – even in the developed world – is fresh and really forces us to think of new ways of making music and listening to it.

We think these shifts can be attributed to the socio-historical stance the Global South has been known for; i.e. a stance of poverty and struggle. However, all the creative energy that is coming out from the south is changing that narrative. As a result, the youth in the Global South are starting to redefine who they are and what they are about.

As a youth culture blog based in Durban, South Africa, our aim is to document and share with the world, our various perspectives on life and creativity. We take pride in our Durban South roots and are sharing everything that keeps us going, with the rest of the world.