P.U.L.S - The Hiatus EP Cover ArtWho is P.U.L.S and what do you do?

P.U.L.S is a rap artist from Ngwelezane Township, eMpangeni. The name is an acronym for Power Unto Lyrikal Skill. Im an MC / Producer / Mix Engineer as far as music goes.

How would you describe your sound?

Well… I’m a fan of Soul-based Hip Hop, you know…. the Slum Village, Common and the likes. This resonates in my sound especially as a Lyricist. The EP in particular comprises of Boom Bap and Mid-Tempo style production .

Is ‘The Hiatus EP’ your first project? What are your plans for the project?

The Hiatus is my first official project. Of all the music I work on , I work on mine the least. So the opportunity finally came, to tie up these loose singles I been lacing since 2015, and form them in line with current material. Kwaphuma i-EP. It’s a digital project so I plan to share it on various digital platforms. It’s about the music!

Why have you titled your EP ‘The Hiatus’?

It’s titled The Hiatus because I literally took a hiatus from writing bars and being an active MC. During this time I have built myself a reputation in production circles, but when O.G’s like Spoonyology and Njabs The Beatmaker want you back on the mic, uzothini?

What can people expect from your offering?

Well…expect mature music. Expect a beat/bar matrimony.

The project is a presentation of Skhothenious and 90’s Laaities. Can you tell us a bit about the two movements and the role they’ve played in bringing the offering to life?

Skhothenious and 90’sLaaities are movements that I make most of the music with (and the moves I make are under the two). I joined Skhothenious in 2010 as a producer, so I’ve learnt so much being there. 90’s Laaities is my latest movement; it’s an expansion of SKT in a way because the ideologies remain the same. Bot movements are dedicated to art, design and music. I myself play a major role within both movements so it’s an inspiring journey.

What is your take on the current state of KZN and Durban Hip Hop in particular?

KZN Hip-Hop needs to move forward! Cross-over and experimenting is the future. I think we are stagnant, but on the other side there is some dope music coming out of KZN.

Where can people find your music?

Soundcloud, Hulkshare and Audiomack mostly.

What are the SIX bars that define you? [either yours or someone else’s]

“Punchline yanton’, I’m on my real life steez / lotta lazy young’uns out here tryna be like me / unlike y’all I won’t be falling for these weak pipe-dreams / a visionary on the mic, the EMP Spike Lee / I won’t be sorry for telling how I see it / I’m a vintage cat like Felix , Making music how I see it “

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Interview by: Njabulo Phiri