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Huckster Pro seeks to launch their first web application that will compete against big names – such as Google, eBay, and Facebook – within the next two years.

What is Huckster Pro and what do you do?

Hucksterpro is a digital media company based in South Africa and registered under the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission in line with the Companies Act of 2008.

What inspired the name, “Huckster Pro”?

The name ‘Hucksterpro’ is a combination of two words, one being Huckster and the second being Pro. We chose it based on the fact that it deals with selling goods, and can be also associated with writing media advertisements, because we also offer those as services as a Company.

Who is behind Huckster Pro?

The co-founders of Hucksterpro met at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2012 where initially the idea of establishing such an entity took light. Lethukuthula Nkomo, one of the directors, is an Honor’s Degree Graduate in the discipline of Public Policy, whereas Mnqobi Duma is a third – level Media & Communications student.

What separates you from the other internet companies?

What separates us from other Internet companies are the technologies, approach and methods we use to render our services. Most South African based Internet companies use CMS, or template-based tools to develop websites, but we start our projects from scratch. That’s because we are always driven to develop our web-based applications the way that our clients envisioned them to be, not from something that already exists online.

What challenges have you faced whilst setting up your company?

As a start up company, the toughest challenge that we encountered was that of finance. We had very limited resources. Luckily, the Internet business doesn’t require that much funding, but it is always a problem because you have to market and advertise the business. Since the Internet based business is so open, and there are lot of computer programming technologies to do the same thing, we also battled with deciding which technologies we should use to better serve our clients efficiently.

Why have you chosen the ICT sector?

We chose the ICT sector for a couple of reasons. The first being that we were in love with the idea of participating the sector. The second crucial reason was that we saw the opportunity of an open market, where by we could generate income, based on the huge number of services that we could render for our services. On top of making the web a better place, we also felt like black “african” people have been sort of idle in the ICT sector, so we wanted to make a difference.

What impact does technology have on culture and where is Huckster Pro in the bigger scheme of things?

We’re in the 21st century, what some people refer to as “the information age”. In the modern day, technology is a relevant and viable tool to pass and get access to information. Focusing solely on the Internet, there are tons of different outlets that share information regarding whatever a person is looking for as far as information is concerned. So to be precise, technology has had both the positive and negative impact on the society and culture. As Hucksterpro, we are more focused on sticking to the positive side, where by we can engage with our clients, through business principles, to invent websites and Web based applications that will add what’s already happening today. We have the tools to make that happen. We ate just waiting for ideas from other individuals to work on with.

What are your plans for the next two years?

We plan to be a very stable company in the next two years. That being financially. We are also planning to have worked on numerous projects with people who are equally aspiring. As Hucksterpro, we are seeking to have launched our first web application (sorry that I can’t speak about it now) that will compete against the big machines that are already in place today, such as Google, eBay, Facebook, etc.

A big thank you to Mnqobi Duma, of Huckster Pro Pty Ltd, for the interview.

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Interview by: Njabulo Phiri