Free Delivery DropsWho is SmG and what do you do?

SmG is a character that is created by Simangaliso Shabane.Straight outta Nazareth Pinetown, in Durban. This character is in a form of a rap artist focusing on addressing our struggles and motivates change.

How would you describe your style and sound?

I don’t like having a style ’cause it limits me. I’ve grown to understand how to manipulate words so it’s easy to create any flow and keep a consistent Delivery.

Is this your first solo project? If yes, what are your plans for it?

YES!!! #bigsmiles. I’ve connected with a few progressive people, it’s still on the low though lol, we’re looking to release 3 music videos for the project with my team (Creative Unicorns).

Why have you titled the project “Free Delivery”?

Free delivery is a project that has a collection of tracks I did since 2012 and my recent tracks. The concept was to make it a free project from the start and it still is and now the distribution will be more easier ’cause people can access it online.

Free Delivery Cover Art_SmG
The official cover art for ‘Free Delivery’. Courtesy of Creative Unicorns.

What can people expect from your offering?

Well, people can expect the best rhyme style South Africa has ever tapped into, really intense and energetic music, word play and concepts that people experience on a day to day basis and every track is different but nice on its own way.

For those that don’t know, SmG is one half of the rap duo known as Hidden Key Element; can we also expect something new from HKE?

Hidden Key Element is home. That’s where everything started. My nigga Queasy‘s working on his EP but ’til everything is off the way I’m sure we gon’ do something.

What is your take on the current state of Durban Hip Hop?

I really feel hip hop in Durban is the best in the country ’cause Durban rappers are busy killing the game on the mainstream! Durban is at the forefront of South Africa on every popping genre right now.

Where can people find your music?

People can find me on:

Instagram @Official_Smg,

Facebook @SmG Creative Unicorns, and

Twitter @officially_SmG.

What are the SIX bars that define you? [either yours or someone else’s]

“You can’t walk on my shoes, my struggle is barefoot” // “flow nice, tongue moving like I raised a flag, but giving up is not my nature fam”.

Lemme save the other other bars for your download when the project is out lol.


On this project, SmG worked with the legendary Abdus on one song and the really good and upcoming OB, the incredible Refiloe Makhetha, Anelisiwe and Apple; a close friend and a brother Linda. Edison, OB and Kay Band on the production. The project drops today (22 March 2017), mid-day, and will be available for all to download.

Let’s support our own. Peace.


Interview by: Njabulo Phiri