This is the official album art for Sampha’s album, titled ‘Process’. Photo Credit:

This album is the first offering from the UK-born artist who is not new to the game, but has worked mostly behind the scenes with Grammy award-winning artists like Kanye West, Drake and Solange. He is truly talented, from producing to singing. You can ‘t box this artist and his latest album is not short from greatness. The album doesn’t have any major features and it definitely comes with the quality of production you would expect from Sampha. He takes you on his musical journey with unexpected twists and turns. You need to have an unbiased ear to listen to this one in order to gain appreciation for the man’s work.

Some of the well-known singles from this musical genius include Blood On Me and No-One Knows Me (Like The Piano).

Review by: Sindiso ‘Sinklowdeep’ Xaba