The official cover art for the Unfinished Business EP. The image is intellectual property of 4Sight Media.  

Who is 3RDBRICK and what do you do?

3RDBRICK is an artist who appreciates music as a whole. I’ts the lifestyle I live and the culture I follow to the T!

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is mostly musical. I don’t follow trends, I prefer to have substance in my raps because to me rap is Rhythm And Poetry.

Your EP is titled ‘Unfinished Business’, why particularly that title?

Simply because I have a lot to say and one body of work could never be enough to spread my wings far enough. I still believe I will rise to greater heights!

The song, ‘Back In The Day’ is one where you sort of reminisce about your early days in the game, can you tell us more about those days and the influence they had on you?

When I came in the game, lyricism played a huge role and you could always take something away from any project you listened to hence the artist mentioned on the song. That era shaped me to be who I am and how I understand the music; and the lyrics became therapeutic to me.

On that same song, ‘Back In the Day’, you mention a lot of Hip Hop heads (from Durban) who’ve influenced you, but you highlight that Musa Mission was at the fore of these influences. Can you share with us why?

For me, Musa Mission was the voice of the people. He was my version of Nas. The poet; conscious and informative. That’s why he appealed to me ’cause I learned more about the art-form through him.

What can you say will be Durban’s contribution towards the bigger picture that is SA Hip Hop?

Durban has been sidelined for the longest time in the Hip Hop scene as a whole in South Africa due to how everyone saw us as the vernacular-based city when it comes to Hip Hop. We have a lot more to offer than our predecessors (Zuluboy or Zakwe, Manelis or Abdus) have had to offer in terms of vernac. So in the wider scale we have our own history to share in more than just vernacular bars — no disrespect to the aforementioned artists. They laid the foundations!

What have you got to say to people who follow your music?

I am an artist. I will always voice my opinions because music is therapeutic to me. It’s how I offload (that which is on my mind). I can only rap about what I best understand, and hope the listener has something to take away that can enlighten their understanding as well.

What are the SIX bars that define you? [yours or anyone’s].

I am Hip Hop.// I believe in voicing one’s opinion.// Lyricism is mostly important to me.// I believe in myself more then anyone.// You’re never too old to learn.// Music is universal; your background is your foundation and you’re human before you are an artist.//


All in all, this is a great project. There’s a nice balance  of storytelling on both the man himself and his musical journey. You can stream the EP on this link.

Interview by: Njabulo Phiri.